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Is your drain clogged again? Let Life Line Plumbing provide you with an effective and permanent solution. No matter what is causing the drain clog or how severe it is, our Katy drain cleaning plumbers have the necessary tools and skills to eliminate the blockage once and for all.

When you hire our team of licensed Katy drain cleaning technicians, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are committed to delivering the highest level of professionalism in the industry. We will always give you fair, honest, and upfront pricing, and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Our highly trained technicians who provide expert drain cleaning in Katy are also available in Cypress, and the surrounding areas.

Call (281) 809-0049 today to schedule your estimate for drain cleaning in Katy, TX. 

How Drains Get Clogged

There are many things that can clog a drain. You would be surprised, and probably disgusted, to hear about some of the things our Katy drain cleaning team has pulled out of people’s pipes.

Drain blockages are commonly caused by:

  • Grease - Pouring grease down your drain is one of the biggest culprits for clogs. It's never a good idea to pour any grease, oil or any other fats down your drain. The best way to properly dispose of these things is to find an old coffee can or jar and fill it with your grease or oil. Once it has solidified, you can throw it away.
  • Dirt - You may think your drain can handle washing anything away. Getting excess dirt off your clothes in the sink can be helpful, it can also cause issues for your drain. Make sure to shake off any excess dirt or mud off your clothes before washing them inside.
  • Soap residue - Traditional soap bars are made with grease or fat. When the fat from the soap combines with the minerals in the water it can leave a hard residue known as, soap scum. Eventually, after long periods of use, this can cause your drain to clog.
  • Hair - The biggest culprit of clogged drains is hair. The best way to deal with hair blockage is to prevent it from the first place. Ensure you have a drain guard to catch any loose hair and clear it regularly.
  • Food waste - Make sure you are scrapping off large pieces of food into your trash or compost pile before you throw it down your sink. Even with a garbage disposal, some foods won't break down in your sink and can cause drain clogs.
  • Mineral buildup - Minerals dissolved in hard water can build up and cause masses that can easily block your drain. One common solution isinstalling a water softener in your home to help combat your hard water problem.
  • A Sewer line that's backed up - If your sewer line is clogged, then you'll know this because you'll have multiple drains that are particularly slow at the same time.

Why Hire Our Expert Cypress Drain Cleaning Team?

Clogged drains usually start as minor issues. Many homeowners often try to resolve the problem on their own through the use of ineffective store-bought chemicals that are often harmful to the environment. When a drain blockage is not dealt with appropriately, it can quickly escalate into a substantial problem. When you notice your drain showing these minor signs, call our professional Katy drain cleaning technicians and we'll make sure you get the help you need.

A clogged drain could lead to:

If you have a clogged drain, you will want to rely on our professional drain cleaning in Katy, TX, our technicians have the training and equipment to fully eliminate the blockage in your drain. When you turn to our drain cleaning services, your drain will be free of all debris and odors, your home will be healthier, and you will reduce your out-of-pocket costs. We also provide 24/7 emergency services, don't hesitate to call!

Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe?

While chemical drain cleaners might work in a pinch, they won't help severe drain clogs and they're not completely safe for you, your pipes, and the environment. Exactly how unsafe your chemical drain cleaner is depends on the chemical makeup of the formula which varies by manufacturer.

What works better for your drains, and isn't as harmful is rinsing your drains once a month with warm water and vinegar. Your garbage disposal can best be cleaned with ice cubes. Be wary of other DIY methods as what might happen is you'll do more damage than good to your drains and pipes.

Call Life Line Plumbing today at (281) 809-0049 for the best drain cleaning services in Katy, Cypress, and surrounding areas. 


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