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Faucets are an incredibly important part of our plumbing that we often take for granted or simply don’t think about. However, they have so many important roles and functions. They are responsible for effectively stopping the flow of water so it isn’t wasted. They are responsible for preventing leaks or unwanted water intrusion into areas where it shouldn’t be. They mix your hot and cold water together in the right amounts so you have water at the exact temperature you desire. And they even play a crucial role in the aesthetic qualities of the space they are in.

Here at Life Line Plumbing, we provide a full contingent of services designed to handle whatever problems you are having with your faucets. If you notice that any of the plumbing fixtures in your home are not working as they should, give us a call and let our technicians take care of it. For over a decade, our licensed plumbers have provided reliable plumbing fixture installation and repair in Katy, Cypress, and surrounding areas. Whether you require a repair for something like a leaky faucet, or you need a total replacement or new installation, you can count on our team of professional plumbers in Katy to deliver exactly what you require. We are committed to providing a unique service experience to all our customers and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Finding faucet services is easy when you reach out to the team at Life Line Plumbing! Give us a call at (281) 809-0049 today.

Professional Fixture Repair Done Right

When it comes to faucet services, there’s little room for error. Faucets require a lot of things to all be set up exactly right in order for them to function optimally and securely. All seals and gaskets need to be properly in place to prevent leaks from virtually anywhere around your fixture. All components must be securely and snugly attached to prevent anything from falling apart,

You might be thinking, “Why hire a professional when I can do it myself or have a local handyman do it for me?” That’s a fair question. For starters, when plumbing fixtures develop problems, they are usually complicated to fix. Most repairs require a plumber who has the right knowledge, skills, and tools to diagnose the problem and provide the right solution. We also provide expert 24/7 emergency plumbers for those unconventional times your plumbing goes out.

When you hire Life Line Plumbing to perform your plumbing fixture repair, we will ensure:

  • The problem is accurately identified
  • The repair is completed with the right tools
  • The repair process does not cause further damage
  • The job is done right the first time
  • Your product stays protected under warranty

Without the help of our professional Katy plumbers, there are many things that could go wrong during a repair, and it could result in additional damage. You owe it to yourself not to take any chances.

Signs You Need Faucet Repair

1. Low water pressure - If your particularly handy, you can try unscrewing the aerator and getting at a clog yourself but don't poke anything through the exposed end of your faucet.

2. Drip.. drip.. - If you're on a water meter, a dripping faucet could be costing you each and every drip. Call in our Katy faucet repair technicians to keep you from throwing more money down the drain.

3. Sounds that are off - There could be a worn washer on the inside of your faucet that's leading to strange sounds or another component could be off and we'll need to inspect the fixture.

4. Visible signs of damage - Any cracks or divots in your fixture or faucet can leave the rest of it at risk of further erosion so call in our faucet repair experts sooner rather than later.

5. Water where there shouldn't be any - If water is coming out of the base of the faucet or right before the spout, that's another sign your your faucet could use some repair.

Expert Plumbing Fixture Installation

If you are looking to update your current bathroom or kitchen, make sure you don’t forget about the fixtures. Our Katy plumbers can help you install the perfect showerhead, toilet, or faucet for your space. You will have peace of mind knowing that your fixtures will be set up for maximum performance for years to come.

For quality Katy faucet repair and fixture installation, contact Life Line Plumbing today!


  • Warehouse on Wheels
    Our trucks are fully stocked making it easy for us to get the job done right on the first trip.
  • Trained Technicians
    Backed by two master plumbers, our technicians are background checked and highly trained.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    We are happy to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, providing peace of mind.
  • Always Available
    Plumbing emergencies can happen when you least expected. That's why we're offering 24/7 emergency plumbing services.


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  • “Highly Recommended” - Daniel B.
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