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Advanced Water Treatment Service in the West Houston Area

Have you noticed that your plumbing fixtures, taps, and faucets are caked with a chalky white substance that’s extremely difficult to remove? Are you sick of having to wash the dishes a second time after washing them in the dishwasher? Does your skin feel dry and your hair feel stiff, wiry, and brittle?

These are just a few signs that you might suffer from a condition known as hard water: an extremely common problem where the water entering your home has a high concentration of minerals like calcium and magnesium. If you’re tired of dealing with this ongoing problem, Life Line Plumbing’s Katy water treatment experts provide the finest water treatment technology designed to give you and your home the water you need.

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Signs You Need Water Softener Installation

1. Stains on your plumbing appliances - While water evaporates, the minerals inside hard water doesn't and it will leave stains on your plumbing appliances. You can get them out with bleach, but unless you get water softener installation, they'll return.

2. Your cleaning products don't seem to be working - If you're ever wondering why your cleaning products stopped working, consider your water. Hard water doesn't mix with cleaning products so it likely isn't your soap or laundry detergent's fault.

3. One breakdown after another - Our plumbing appliances are designed to work with clean water that's rid of any minerals so if you're getting one breakdown after another, consult our Katy water softener installation specialists.

4. Your water looks, smells or tastes off - When in doubt, trust your instincts. You know clean water and if there's anything off about us at least have us in to test your water.

5. The water bottle test - If you want to test your water yourself, put some in an empty water bottle, add soap and shake it up. If your water bottle gets full of suds then your water is good, but if the water gets murky and there are little to no suds then you have hard water.

Choosing the Right Water Treatment System for You

How do you know what kind of water treatment system is right for your home? The answer depends on a few key things: what kind of problem you have with your water, what your goals for water treatment are, what kind of budget you’re working with, and so much more. There are two primary types of water filtration systems, and each have their pros and cons. Water filtration systems physically remove inclusions with a filtration medium, while water softener systems eliminate hard water by adding salt and other substances to the water to eliminate the hardness properties.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a water treatment system, including:

  • How much purified water you require daily
  • What contaminants are in your water that you need to remove
  • How much the system costs to operate
  • The amount and type of maintenance that is needed
  • The compatibility of the system with your plumbing
  • Where you want to store the treatment system
  • Whether you want treated water from just one faucet or all faucets

There are many affordable treatment options that can address any issues you have with your water. The first step is to have your water tested to see what’s in it. Water filtration is a great way to improve the safety and taste of your water. If you are in the market for a new water treatment system in Katy, it is important to realize that there are several different systems out there. Different homes will have different needs. It is best to rely on a professional to help you choose a system is right for you.

Protect Your Home & Water Today

Let Life Line Plumbing help you get started with the process of making your water the best it can be. Our water treatment specialists have been providing reliable water filtration and softeners in Katy, Cypress, and surrounding areas for over a decade. You can depend on us to provide you with the quality service you deserve. Whether you’re looking for a simple water softener to improve the taste and feel of your water, or you’re looking for a top-of-the-line water filtration system, Life Line Plumbing offers premium products and outstanding craftsmanship to make sure everything is set up to work properly. We stand by the work we do, and we offer support services including repairs, maintenance, and more.

For a water treatment estimate, reach out to the team at Life Line Plumbing now to schedule an appointment with one of our Katy water softener installation plumbers today.


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