How to Make Your Guest Bathroom Accommodating for the Holidays

If you’re like most homeowners, the guest bathroom is seldom for guests. It’s usually the secondary bathroom used by a spouse or children. It might be messy. It may only have the bare necessities. In other words, it’s totally unsuitable for visitors.

That will need to change if you plan on hosting family or friends this holiday season. Here’s how to turn that other bathroom into a truly accommodating guest bathroom.

Let the Light In

Guests will feel more comfortable in a bright, clean bathroom. Change out dark drapes for light-colored curtains that allow the sun to shine in while providing privacy.

If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, put in brighter bulbs and add a floor lamp. Lighter colors will make the space cheerier, too. Add towels, floormats and a shower curtain that are light shades of red and green, in keeping with the holidays.

Freshen Up

Add fragrances to banish musty and moldy odors. Consider the following options:

Plug-in air freshener: This releases a continuous scent to keep bad smells at bay. Choose a fragrance symbolic of the season, such as gingerbread or peppermint.

Bamboo charcoal bag: Hang a charcoal bag near the shower to naturally absorb odors, as well as excess moisture.

Reed diffuser: No need to light it, spray it, or plug it in. The reed system delivers consistent fragrance naturally. A variety of seasonal scents are available from pumpkin spice to fresh-cut pine.

Make it Comfy

Make your guests’ stay comfortable and memorable with the following accouterments.

High-quality towels: Your guests will relish toweling off with absorbent microfiber or plush Turkish cotton.

Comfortable floor mats: Swap out your boring, threadbare floor mats with non-slip microfiber shag or memory foam bathmats that feel soft underfoot.

Plush bathrobe and slippers: Make your guests feel like they’re staying in a 5-star hotel with a fresh robe and a soft pair of slippers.

Towel warmer: Plug-in towel warmers make you feel as though you’re wrapping yourself up in a towel fresh out of the dryer. Plus, they help wet towels dry faster.

Keep a Plunger Handy

“Where’s your toilet plunger?” is a question no one wants to ask. Spare your guests their dignity¬†and keep a plunger accessible. You can also prevent plumbing mishaps by scheduling a professional drain cleaning ahead of the holidays.

We hope your holidays are merry and bright! If you run into any plumbing complications, have peace of mind knowing that we provide 24/7 emergency service. Contact Life Line Plumbing at (281) 809-0049.

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